FREE SOFTWARE $$$$$!!!!!

Install Autodesk Maya +Substance Painter +HoudiniUnity+Smode on all your computers so you can use them anytime, Not just at school!:

  1. Maya 2020 ($150o/year)-
  2. All Substance Softwares ($1000) –
  3. Houdini
  4. Unity 3D Game Engine:
  5. SMODE:

All you need to do is create a free account with your email address and then you will have access to install all of their software for free!!!


(This is used for a major grade every six weeks. So adhere to it!)


Application of Techniques

What is it? Applications of Techniques is used for individual assessment of class participation & involvement. It will be determined throughout the student’s recognition and application of techniques and processes taught in class via projection, On-Screen broadcasts, video tutorials, and one-to-one training.

BCTEA Student Surveys

     a. Go here and complete this form:  !KEEP it OPEN!!!! Make sure Mr.Brooks marks you off the printed list -Get his attention before you close the Acknowledgment page!!

Keep this screen open on your computer^^

     b.  Text this exact link to your parent or guardian to fill out their form:

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